AimToG specializes in IT service, endeavoring ceaselessly to strengthen its position in various specialized areas ranging from software development/supply, through hardware supply, to maintenance/repair, to help sharpen business competitiveness of customers.


The Universe
Unlimited Space

Humans seem tiny compared to the vast scale of the Universe.
AimToG will never stop doing the self-examination without remaining complacent.

The unexplored area is still too vast.
AimToG will never stop exploration and adventure in taking up new challenges.

AimToG is a customer-oriented company.

Each division takes customer service as top priority, serving customers at ever point of contact.
Leader & Manager supports customer service internally and explores new service for customers externally based on the spirit of explorer and adventurer.
All employees of AimToG are within the same circle and at the same position in thinking out new ideas for change and innovation and getting the ideas off the ground.