AimToG specializes in IT service, endeavoring ceaselessly to strengthen its position in various specialized areas ranging from software development/supply, through hardware supply, to maintenance/repair, to help sharpen business competitiveness of customers.

IT Infrastructure Business

Awarded the HP ISS Best partner prize(for 9 consecutive years)

Awarded the prize of HP Asia Pacific No.1 Datacenter

Selected as best partner for major customers such as DaumKakao, SK, etc

AimToG, a reliable professional partner for IT Infrastructure

AimToG provides customers directly with about 8,000 servers comprising 10% of HP system which is provided in Korea each year.
AimToG is a company travelling more than halfway around the globe to provide on-site customer services for 6 months.
AimToG increases technical support and maintenance to serve existing customers better, along with building a lot of new systems.
AimToG always looks for ways to satisfaction of corporate customers and makes effort to that end.

Servers, Storage, Network, Security, Virtualization, Cloud InfraAimToG specializes in analysis, design, buildup and maintenance/repair across all areas of IT infrastructure ranging from service, through storage and network, to security, allowing customers to create optimal IT environment by tapping into AimToG’s overall technologies and services that can meet their requirements in various environments.

Partner for HP Helion OpenStack Cloud

Cloud Ready : Are you ready for Cloud system?

The market has witnessed a shift towards Cloud. It is time that you should consider migrating to the Cloud, not simply showing interest in it.
AimToG has already been awarded HP Cloud Best Partner Prize in recognition of its excellent open stack-based strategy hammered out and implemented in tandem with storage, network, and hardware portfolio of HP. AimToG provides safe and agile services allowing customers to adopt the Cloud quickly.

HP Helion Product Portfolio

HP provides end-to-end solution necessary for building the Cloud — such as free Open Stack version, paid version, CloudSystem with integrated essential functions, hardware optimized for Cloud, Cloud automation software for hybrid environment, managed service, professional service, etc., — in a way suited to circumstances of customers who want to build open architecture-based Cloud.

HP Helion Platform

HP Helion OpenStack
  • HP Helion OpenStack Community
  • HP Helion OpenStack

HP Helion Development Platform
  • HP Helion Development Platform Community
  • HP Helion Development Platform

HP Helion Solutions

HP Helion Integrated Cloud Solutions
  • HP CloudSystem Enterprise
  • HP CloudSystem Foundation

HP Helion Optimized Cloud Solutions
  • HP Helion Content Depot for Scalable Object Storage
  • HP Helion High Performance Computing Solution

HP Cloud Software & Hardware

  • HP Automation & Cloud Management
  • HP Converged Infrastructure

HP Helion Cloud Services

  • HP Helion Public Cloud
  • HP Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud & Managed Private Cloud

HP Professional Services

  • Advisory
  • Apps transform
  • Implementation
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Education
  • Support

Information & Communication Construction Business Registration

Now, AimToG provides services for HP Networking.

HP Networking has product and solution portfolio across all end-to-all categories applied to more than 30,000 locations of various companies, promoting efficient networking operation and reasonable cost-savings.
AimToG aims to provide even better services by expanding the networking business area and related capabilities.
Now, contact AimToG for services, including various products with powerful functionalities that can cover all areas and HP Network products ensuring compatibility to all vendors’ products even when the replacement is made only in part.
– Technical support provided by HPN specialist engineers, along with consulting on overall networks
– Products and services with reliable quality, offered at reasonable price

(Dater Center & Cloud)

Single solution is provided for physical and virtual environments by integrating the network into storage and server and ensuring the security. Migration to Cloud is easy.

(public organizations / enterprises)

Enterprise network can be built with far fewer architecture, equipment and cable, providing excellent port density and brief low latency.

(For branches)

Compressive WAN optimization and routing solution is provided, allowing dynamic cloud-based services to be provided to geographically distributed enterprise

FlexManagement (Management)

Integrated View is provided for virtual and physical network infrastructure, thereby shortening the time taken for transmitting applications and services and simplifying operations and management to improve network availability.

Exclusive distributor agreement on FutureSystem was inked.

FutureSystem : Now, next-generation & integrated security solution is available.

Work environment not restricted by environment, such as mobile office, home office, etc., have been expanded along with advancement of IT(Information Technology). AimToG provides services ranging from network build-up to safe security access in this era of smart work system integrated with existing infrastructure.


Awards & Certification

HP Platinum Partner

AimToG is Platinum Partner (top-level partner with authority over the sales and service of whole products and technologies of HP) of HP Korea, providing the best services for whole product lineup of HP Korea.

HP Serviceone Specialist Partner
HP Helion OpenStack cloud 전문 협력사
HP New Style of IT(Big Data, Cloud, Mobility Security) 전문 협력사

2004 Registered as official partner of HP
2008 Signed an agreement on partnership for supporting HP ASDP official service
2010 Signed Official HP Platinum Partner Agreement
2012 Signed Official Fusion-io International Partner Agreement
2014 Registered Information & Communication Construction Business

2005 Registered HP PeBP(Premier Enterprise Business Partner)
2009 Awarded Asia Pacific Best Datacenter Partner
2012 Awarded HP Cloud Best Partner
2013 Entered into NexentaStor certified partner Agreement
2006 ~ 2014 Awarded HP ISS Best Partner prize (for 9 consecutive years)

Awarded HP Korea Best Partner Prize (for 9 consecutive years) (2006~2014)

Selected as the best partner for major customers such as DaumKaKao, SK

Awarded the Top Performing Partner prize in HP Asia-Pacific Region


HP ProLiant 서버
HP ProLiant Server

Please check the innovative service and HP ProLiant Server spearheading the IT infrastructure.

HP Networking  Proposal
HP Networking Proposal

More reasonable Network Service is provided to many customers through HP Networking that has products and solution portfolio of whole end-to-end categories.