AimToG specializes in IT service, endeavoring ceaselessly to strengthen its position in various specialized areas ranging from software development/supply, through hardware supply, to maintenance/repair, to help sharpen business competitiveness of customers.

IT Solution Business

“Preventing the shutdown of Korea’s 3 service servers vulnerable to congestion collapse!”

“Monitoring the service situation and
real-time control!”

NetFUNNEL : Have you ever seen the queue screen below?

Korea’s 3 sites(year-end settlement site, railway train reservation site on traditional holidays, and course application site of universities) were shutdown whenever the servers were crowded. That is because server is flooded with connection requests which exceed the processing capacity of system.

However, the servers of those 3 sites are no more shut down. AimToG accepts whole service requests in massive quantity prior to system access based on single solution and applies NetFUNNEL which is the application performance control solution developed and supplied by AimToG.


Function. Monitoring

Function. Monitoring
  • Intuitive web-based GUI monitoring tool supporting various environments
  • End-User Monitoring : Collecting the real-time information of all users
    – Service request amount, number of queuing persons, queuing time
    – System access amount, resource consumption
    – Amount of service completed, processing time
  • It is the only monitoring tool that can show both application system status and service performance perceived subjectively by customers
  • Hammering out service operation policies and real-time application/control(real-time and automatic control)
  • Inquiry of each service statistics by day, week or month, and support for report

Function. Control

Function. Control

1) Surge Traffic Management: Active User Number is controlled in a way fit for system availability. Stable service is assured even when the server is too crowded.
2) Resource Allocation: System resources are allocated by controlling the Active User Number by action, which results in efficient system operation.
3) Service Assurance: Real-time and automatic control of Active User Number is enabled based on user and system status information, along with failure prevention and service maintenance.
4) Access Control: Abnormal access is intercepted through IP/ID control. Various service operation measures can be taken.

Expected Effects from NetFUNNEL Introduction



  • Prevention IT service disruption & Assurance of business continuity: Preventing loss of sales, improving customer trust
  • Minimization of IT resource expansion: Innovative cost-saving(reduction of investment and operation costs)


  • Improvement of satisfaction with site: Fair service, fast and stable service
  • Saving time and cost: Precise queue information alert and automatic access, allowing users to figure out whether the service is in process.


  • Real-time and automatic control of Active User Number based on service situation: Promoting undisrupted and stable service, along with operational convenience
  • Control over system operation can be assured by real-time control, not merely simple monitoring, and active system operation is enabled.
영업 / 마케팅

Sales & Marketing

      Creation of new business opportunity : Increasing the sales and awareness by launching aggressive events (first-come-first-served basis, specific time)
    Setting various access: Customized services are possible(setting the VIP customers)

  • Creation of new business opportunity : Increasing the sales and awareness by launching aggressive events (first-come-first-served basis, specific time)
  • Setting various access: Customized services are possible(setting the VIP customers)

※ RCDP(Rapid Contents Delivery Platform)

Research institute annexed to AimToG has the source technology for next-generation integrated contents delivery platform that can help strengthen service competitiveness through combination with various service models. Based on that, he research institute is developing various solutions ensuring stable service delivery of customers’ contents at optimal cost.


Patent & Certificate

한국정보통신기술협회 소프트웨어 품질 인증


Software Quality Certification

TTA(Telecommunications Technology Association) Software Quality Certification
– Certification No. 09-0067 (2009. 04. 28)


8 domestic patents
2 U.S. patents, 2 Japanese patents, 1 Chinese patent


NetFUNNEL  Product Pamphlet
NetFUNNEL Product Pamphlet

User transaction can be controlled by using the Active User Number, and effective service is enabled within the limit of system threshold. Please check the details of NetFUNNEL.

NetFUNNEL Best Practices
NetFUNNEL Best Practices

NetFUNNEL has bee applied to major services of many public organizations, companies, and universities. Please check the effects brought about by NetFUNNEL.